Audit Personnel

Audit Personnel imageGlenvardon can deliver a range of specialist audit services to clients carried out by competent and qualified consultants who have a wealth of industry experience and a broad and extensive knowledge of Air, Mixed Gas, and Saturation Diving and ROV systems, operations, processes and procedures.

Our audit consultants will carry-out the requiredaudit in accordance with client operating and work procedures and in compliance with current industry reference codes of practice, International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) publications, and International Marine Contractor's Association (IMCA) guidance notes. Local or international regulations or legislative guidelines in force will also be complied with.

Our consultants can be provided to conduct Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Risk Assessments; Management Systems Audits; ROV Inspection Surveys; and Job Risk Assessments for client diving and ROV operations.

Glenvardon can also undertake client and contractor Personnel Competency Assessments to ensure that the personnel are qualified, experienced and capable of carrying out required underwater operations in a safe manner. Qualifying and confirming the correct personnel competence level will considerably aid the reduction of operational risk and identify any area requiring additional training.


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